Waggin Tails Natural Dog Biscuits Natural Homemade Dog Biscuits, guaranteed fresh and of human grade ingredients.

In 2009, I was impressed of the Lord Jesus to create and make natural dog biscuits from human-grade ingredients free of preservatives, yet healthy and good tasting. So Waggin Tails Natural Dog Biscuits was born. 

I share my home with 3 dogs and 3 cats.

The treats are made with all purpose flour, and new recipes are in the test kitchen for gluten-free cookies. Some of my more popular cookies are made with these ingredients: Peanut Butter, Molasses, Milk,Rolled Oats Bananas, Carob, Honey, Peaches. No added sugar is included in the ingredients, as dogs do not need the added sugar. Two sweeteners used that have great health benefits are honey and molasses. I hope that you and your canines will enjoy my treats, and will come back often for more. 

" You should have only one kind of cookie on a walk, then you both can share."

10% of the profits each month will go to benefit a different charity. These Charities will be for either Human or Animal, such as the Frankie Foundation, Relay for Life, The Arkansas Racetrack Chaplaincy, Garland County Humane Society & Susan Komen Foundation.

May God Bless You and your four legged children.  

I am Anointed to make dog biscuits in a manner that the world is not familiar with ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!